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Does Cultivate Yoga studio have parking?
There isn’t any parking at the studio itself. But, there is an NCP parking facility on the south side of Richmond station. The studio is a five minute walk from the car park.

Are there shower and changing facilities at Cultivate Yoga studio?

Unfortunately, we currently have no shower facilities at the studio - we are looking to improve our facilities. There are both female and male toilets.

How does Cultivate Yoga deal with my account and profile details?
Although we are a relaxed yoga studio, we take your privacy seriously. Please see our privacy policy on our legal page.
What should I bring to a class?
You’ll most likely work up a sweat in class, so some fluid will come in handy - not the hard stuff. Also allowing yourself to move freely helps, we’d recommend loose and comfortable clothing, maybe leave the skinny jeans in the wardrobe.
Are your instructors accredited?
Yes, our instructors are all Yoga Alliance Professionals and British Wheel of Yoga accredited.
I have left my wallet / phone / wedding ring / favourite t-shirt at the studio?
It happens. Best to email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com, we’ll have a good look for it (it can’t be in that many places!) and contact you about collecting the item. Otherwise have a look at the schedule, and come along and have a look when we are open.
Does Cultivate Yoga have lockers?
Currently we do not. We may have been lucky, but so far nobody has had anything go ‘missing’. We do not want this to happen, and are looking to install lockers.
What should I bring for the first session?
Yourself, a bit of water or fluid. We have mats and blocks, but if you want to bring your own, no problem.
Do you supply mats and blocks?
We have mats, we have a mix of blocks, but if you want to bring your own, no problem.
When should I arrive?
We think no later than ten minutes before the class start time. This will give everybody enough time for loo stops, getting a matt, etc.
I’m new to yoga, where do I begin?
Our classes are mixed level, catering for beginners. We will talk or teach you through anything tricky. Our instructors include several variations of moves or poses dependant upon levels within the classes. Yoga is not difficult, but if you are unsure, please come along and have a look how a class works.
Any yoga etiquette I need to now about?
We’re pretty laid back, all chilled and zen like, there isn’t a lot that would shake us out of our yoga bliss. There really isn’t anything we can think of.
I may have to take a break, is it OK?
As great as it is to make it through the whole the session, I very rarely do this. If I can’t hack it, I sit or lay down. Don’t tell anybody, but I even caught a few winks one time.
Trumping, what’s the deal?
Ah the most asked question. It happens. Everybody has done it. And there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it, all that bending and cramping. I will giggle though - I giggle when I trump.
Do I need to book before attending?
If you have booked a credit package, it is best to book. We are extremely busy, and our classes fill up pretty quick.
Do you offer any private sessions / classes?
Yes, we offer small groups or one-to-one sessions. Call us on +44 (0)7833 388203 or email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com for further details.
I have an injury, should I still attend a class?
We would not recommend attending a class if you have a broken back! But a variety of injuries can be managed. Part of an instructors training covers how to adapt sessions to manage and support injuries. Please inform the instructor of any injuries before the class starts. This is super important as it helps us know how to assist you, and how to modify the class or pose/moves due to the injury.
I am pregnant, should I attend?
That is great news! Yes, you can attend classes. It is even recommended. Please inform your instructor if are pregnant, the instructor can then adapt the session to your needs, or will offer variations on poses or moves. Please note, despite our enthusiasm, it is recommended that you do not attend any yoga classes in the first trimester (typically 16 weeks), but can attend in the second and third trimesters.
I have a medical condition, should I still attend?
Please inform the instructor of any medical conditions before the class starts. Part of an instructors training concerns how to adapt sessions to manage medical conditions. There aren't really any medical conditions that would exclude you from partaking so long as your doctor says you're fit to take part in exercise.
Are there any guidelines on when I should eat or drink before a class?
A bit like swimming - best not to eat anything in the two hours before a class. Grazing or snacking is fine, you will need some energy, but leave the roast until after the class. It will taste all the better. Definitely hydrate before the class. Drinking water right up until the start of class is recommended.
Do you offer corporate sessions?
Yes we do. We can do classes at our studio or at your venue. Please email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com and we’ll see where the cookie crumbles.
What if I am not very flexible?
I’ll be honest, I started yoga with the same impression, and sure, at first it takes a bit of loosening up. Yoga is a process, your flexibility will improve along with other attributes that yoga brings - increased strength and balance to name two.
This isn’t hot yoga is it?
The classes we offer are not hot yoga. Best to check out our Class Info page [link to class info], it tells you all you need to know about the classes. But if hot yoga is your thing, please complete the Suggest a class form.
Are there any age restrictions?
We think yoga is great for all ages. We are looking to schedule classes for children and teens, if you are interested in these classes, please complete the Suggest a class form. If the child is under 15, they must be accompanied by somebody over 16 years of age. Beyond that, there isn’t any restrictions.
Does Cultivate Yoga offer any discounts for over-65s, students or job seekers?
I am afraid we don’t at the minute. We are looking to offer discounts or concession classes in the future.
I have booked a class, but I cannot now attend, what do I do?
Oh, that is disappointing. The best thing is to email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com, if it within our cancellation policy, we will refund the credit/s. Please include class start time and date of class, with name and account number - and we will add the credits back onto the account.
What is your cancellation policy?
We have to be strict on this - we need you to cancel at least twenty four hours before the class start time. The credit/s from the session will be added back onto your account. Please email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com. Please include class start time and date of class, with name and account number - and we will add the credits back onto the account.
I have seen you have an introductory offer, how does this work?
When you sign-up for an account, we will supply you with a promo code for your first class, the code can then be redeemed when you book your first class.
How does the credit package work?
We offer three credits packages - for three, ten and twenty classes. The credits last for 12 months. The 12 months will begin when you book your first class.
I need to get a refund on my remaining credits?
We obviously don’t want to refund credit packages. They are cheaper than walk-ins! But we are nice, and do understand that life happens. Please email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com and we’ll try and work something out.
How can I pay?
For credit packages we take Visa, Credit Cards and Paypal, but unfortunately not American Express. Our payments are via our secure payment system. For walk-ins we accept cash only. We can sign you up for an account and get you to purchase a credit package at the studio - please arrive a little earlier for this.
I can’t access my account, can you help?
Of course. Please email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com and we’ll try and fix the fault.
I have noticed that some changes or unusual things have happened on my account?
Sorry about this. It is best that you let us know by email straight away and we can look into it immediately. If something has happened to your credits, we will certainly remedy any faults. Please email us at info@cultivate-yoga.com.
What is this MindBodyOnline thing?
It is fairly typical that an outside application handles accounts, schedules and billing. MindBodyOnline is our version of this. They are a well established firm, specialising in yoga company applications of this nature.

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