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This class flows through a series of key postures with harmonised and fluid movements. It is designed to develop strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. It is a dynamic class that you can make as physically challenging and sweaty as you wish.

Suitable for experts and beginners alike, your teacher will focus on variations that meet your level of progress. One of the joys of joining one of our classes.


– Align your body, working core and external muscles as well as your left and rights sides in harmonious balance with each other.
– Improve strength, flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
– Release stress, improve memory, focus and clarity.
– Highly likely to make you smile.


Length of class - 1 hourr
Experience level - All
Kit required - Yourself
Arrival - 10 mins before class

Specifically designed to take care of you at the end of the week and recharge you for Monday, this candle lit Sunday evening class is a gentle flow through longer held stretching poses. The poses are designed to gently massage your internal organs and melt away tension held in your muscles. This is a powerfully relaxing and reenergising class.


– Improve flexibility through gentle stretching exercises. A deeply relax the body whilst quietening the mind.
– Reduce stress, improve memory, focus and clarity.
– Clear toxins and aid digestion.
– Aid better quality sleep.
– Increase your sense of inner calm and peace.


Length of class - 1 hour
Experience level - All
Kit required - Yourself
Arrival - 10 mins before class

London exceeded its annual limit for air pollution before the 30th of January 2018! Do you struggle with allergens? Is your skin irritated? Does your hay-fever seem to get worse every year? Can you practically taste the fumes?

We eat well, exercise and strive to make the choices that support a long happy healthy life. Unfortunately, we can not control the quality of the air around us everyday, except for joining a Pure Air Yoga class. Come and experience what it feels like to enjoy purified air whilst taking some time to yourself.

Okay, we’ll admit you’ll probably still have to go out into London at some point, but experiencing the amazing difference of Pure Air can help us all start a conversation about this. Unlike other forms of pollution, stopping the polluters, and a bit of wind and rain overnight would restore clean air within 24 hours!

Alternatively email us at

To register your interest for this class, please complete the form below, we will send you details of the Pure Air Yoga when the class is up and running.

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think."


Olga trained with Ryan Spielman for her 200-hour course in Ashtanga and continues to study with inspirational teachers in the UK and abroad. Her classes are designed to work you physically and set to very eclectic soundtracks, combining Indian Ragas with Balinese drums, hip hop and rare groove, and reflecting her passion for travel and philosophy.

Be prepared to move in dynamic flow with thoughtful, strong sequencing while aligning your mind and movement with your breath.

Olga firmly believes that there is no age limit for yoga practice, and has brought yoga to many classes encouraging teens, pre-teens and adults of all ages to gain from the benefits of yoga.

Cultivate Yoga


Rachael completed her 200-hour Power Yoga training with Jason Pooley at the House of Yoga in Putney. Rachael teaches a dynamic Vinyasa Flow class for all abilities that focuses on developing strength, flexibility and creating calm. Whether you are looking for a workout, rehabilitation, prevent injuries, relive stress or simply take 60-minutes for yourself to practice, she would love to see you in class!

Rachael is also an Occupational Therapist working in the NHS using particular activities as an aid to help people rehabilitate from physical or mental illness. This combines perfectly, as Yoga is also an excellent rehabilitative tool to strengthen the body and the mind.

Cultivate Yoga